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January 8 - Feast of Bl. Eurosia "Mama Rosa" Fabris

A happy feast of Bl. Eurosia Fabris, aka “Mama Rosa.” She's one of the reasons I wrote "39 New Saints You Should Know." Such a great woman and a great example of lay holiness. For more on this special wife & mother, see here and below.

Third Order Franciscan

Beatified November 16, 2005, at the cathedral in Vicenza

Biographical Data
September 27, 1866 - Born at Quinto Vicentino.
September 30, 1866 - Baptized with the name of Eurosia
1870-1932 - Lived the rest of her saintly life as a daughter, wife, and mother at the town of Marola di Torri di Quartesolo, VI
January 8, 1932 - Died. Her last words were, "My God, I love you over everything."
November 6, 2005 - Beatified

In her life as a daughter, spouse and mother, Eurosia Fabris Barban always took care care to know the will of God so she could completely mould her own will to it without hesitation.

In her daily prayer she tried to faithfully and docilely discern the word of God in the wise reading of the events of her life and to respond with a generous disposition.

Therefore her courageous -- even herioc -- choices can only be explained by her unfailing trust in Divine Providence, as when she agreed to raise two girls whose mother had died and marry their father. Or when, in spite of the hard economic times, she succeeded in finding ways to help the poor. Or when she received with a maternal heart a number of children who been orphaned because of World War I into her own family.

Strong in her faith, she witnessed to it with simplicity and joy in every circumstance -- with her family, in her house work, and at her parish. She knew how to transmit it to the girls who attended her dressmaking classes and the children in her catechism classes but above all to her sons, three of whom the Lord chose to be priests.

This was the greatest joy of "Mamma Rosa."

Spiritual Gems of Mamma Rosa

I wish for nothing other than the love of God and to grow more and more in His love. Nothing else is of any importance.

We must render account to God and not to the appearance of our actions or our life. If we look to God, what others say matters nothing.

When we pray, we must forget all the things of this world! We must speak with God and be attentive to what we say to Him, and to what He says to us.

When the Church speaks, it is God who speaks, and we must listen.

The boys we send to the Lord are like a treasure. We have confidence in God that He will never allow us to lack for life's necessities. [Remember that sons back then were often an economic necessity in and of themselves.]

The sons the Lord has given to us, they are His before they are ours. And if He wants them for Himself, we must we be grateful, indeed happy, for this is a great honor.

The Lord supplies us more when we give in charity for the sake of loving Him. If we donate something to the poor, it is as if we offered it to Jesus in person.

It is better to be poor than rich! ... It is not the rich who are content of heart, but those who do the will of God.

Sia fatta la volontà di Dio; Egli ci ama e non ci abbandonerà mai. Ci riposeremo in Paradiso.

This is the will of God (Sia fatta la volontà di Dio); He loves us and He will never abandon us. We will rest in Paradise.

If we have always made His will ours during life, death is just nothing to fear.


Oh Holiest Trinity, You kindly looked upon the commitment of Bl. Eurosia Fabris to faithfully follow Your will in every circumstance of her life, as a daughter, spouse, and mother, supporting her with Your divine grace. Through her intercession, we ask You to bless our families, to protect them from all evil, to help them live a life of Christian virtue, love, and peace. Moreover we ask You, in particular, to grant the grace that we seek with our hearts.

Three Glory Bes... with the invocation "Holy Trinity, one God, hear our prayer."

One Hail Mary, with the invocation "Mother of God, prays for us and our families."

Blessed Eurosia, pray for us.

Prayer to obtain a grace through Bl. Eurosia

Holy Trinity, we thank You for having enriched your Servant Eurosia with many treasures of grace, faith and charity, which rendered her a charming model of domestic virtues, especially for young people, spouses, and mothers. You who have exalted the humble and simple of heart, deign to glorify also here on earth for our example and comfort the simple and humble "Mamma Rosa", granting us the grace we ardently ask of You. Through her intercession bless our family, so that we may become -- as we promise You -- a sweet asylum of virtue, love and peace. Amen.

Three Glory Bes with the invocation "Holy Trinity, one God, have mercy of us!"

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